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The Law Offices of Kent W. Keating provide comprehensive representation in all type of business and corporate transactions. We have over 36 years of experience in providing businesses with personalized legal guidance and creative problem solving.

We offer legal guidance for businesses on all types of transactional matter, including:

               Business formation

               Drafting and reviewing Contracts

               Purchase and Sale Agreements

               Independent Contractor Agreements

               Non-Disclosure Agreements

               Confidentiality Agreements

               Partnership and Joint Venture Agreements

               Indemnification Agreements

               Contract negotiations and drafting

All corporations are required to have articles of incorporation, bylaws and to keep corporate minutes and resolutions for annual meetings and other important events.

In addition, to these documents, a shareholders agreement is important to define the roles of shareholders and their responsibilities to each other and the company. It also provides important succession planning to allow the company to survive a major life event for one or more shareholders such as a divorce, bankruptcy, incapacity or death.

It is critical that a shareholder agreement be negotiated up front and not after a major life event when conflicting interests may make resolution of disputes more difficult and costly. 

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